posted by jhenny at Tuesday, August 08, 2006

SUKOB. the only word that comes out on everybody's mouth today... "napanood mo na sukob??"... everyone is asking around.... and after 2 weeks of my frustrations of not finding some time to watch it, finally yesterday i was inside on one of those SM movie house and guess what? .... yeah you're right.. screaming my heart out. hehehe... take note i heard some men screamed too hahaha.

Its been three weeks since it has opened and yet they are still a lot of people wanted to watch it. And believe me every penny you'll spend surely worth it. I can say that this is a very good film. Better than "Feng Shui" ( if ever u had the chance to watch it )

Sukob is story about a superstitions belief wherein siblings got married within the same year. And because of that, Sandy's ( Kris Aquino ) and Diana's ( Claudine Barretto ) lives would change forever.

The scare is effective. Sukob really gave the audience a lot of things to get hoarse about. And right now Im having a post-horror-film-syndrome, hahaha ( i can't use the restroom and elevator alone )

One of the most-screamed-at scene was when a nude Wendell Ramos was in the shower, and the flower-girl ghost was stalking him. I am not sure if the screams were because of fear that Wendell was going to die, or because Wendell was butt-naked in the shower.... but actually for me im screaming for both! hahahaha

Sukob is not bad. People looked satisfied as they went out of the cinema, and although its a horror film everyone is smiling after the movie. It is also a manifestation that our film industry had definitely improved thru the years.

Its a must-see-movie... but just remember...