posted by jhenny at Saturday, September 30, 2006

last thursday we went to cavite to pay visit on one of our co-employee on her father's interment. And on our way, i have seen this store with a name that sounds very interesting.. :P

looks funny hehehe


and because the dengue epidemic is back ( killed hundred of children already ) the cavite government made a billboard that shows the symptoms of dengue together with the do's and don'ts.

nice one!


and of course, since we are on the bacoor cavite already we went to the digman halo-halo special. it's my first time to taste their infamous halo-halo which had been featured on some of our local tv shows. i have once heard it from my father. the halo-halo taste so good! no wonder many people hunt this simple halo-halo house (where the digman halo-halo originate). plus the empanada taste delicious too!

also tahong chips (yes! tahong) caught our attention. looks good but taste awful! i almost throw it up. yikes. don't try it unless u are fond of malalangsa food.

posted by jhenny at Wednesday, September 27, 2006

my weekend was fine.. last sunday was my brother's bday, konting kain and pansit ok na hehehe... i spent my whole sunday sleeping.. as in.. i was kinda exhausted by the last week as in super pagod.. mentally, physically, financially hehehe.. lahat na ng "lly" lol. i haven't had so much time bonding with bumbum... kasi lagi din cya tulog hahaha.. paano naman kasi 3rd shift din yung batang yun...

and finally im on the morning shift na this week.. yahoo!!! sa wakas makakapag-tv marathon na naman ako lol.. wish ko lang makakauwi me ng maaga from office.

i've got a good news and bad news..

bad news...waaaaaaaaaaaaaa... i've got a very bad headache! shocks! i woke early because i need to be at the office at least 8am (not later) and yet im really having second thoughts if i would really report for work... hay kung pwede lang sana hinde ako pumasok... but then i still went to the office, late nga lang around 9:30am.

i haven't able to watch our basketball team compete with the blue team.. ( we are yellow team ).. our annual sport festival has started and yet i haven't seen any of the events.sigh.

i was really about to watch the game, unfortunately i can't bear my headache, its just too much. and buti na lang pala i didn't watch na din, we lost.. waaaaaa how sad, we are on just praying that they will do good on the rematch with the red team *crossing my fingers*

good news naman... my personal loan has been approved.. yahoo!! :) i really need it badly as well as my sister hehe. i really need to talk to my sister and her husband that they really need to pay on time, or else the bank will sue me hehehe.

good news ulet... i went home early.. spent some time with yummskie :) tapos tinulugan ko cya kasi masakit talaga ang ulo ko hehe.

still have this bad headache.. argh. its killing me! i took 500mg mefenamic acid and still did not work.. i don't know what to do na talaga.. feeling ko may cancer na ako waaaaaaaaaa.. ( na sana naman eh wala, exag ko lang )

i have read on one of the blog entry i had passed by, that uttering "bless me" would such be a good help or powerfull or could be just coincidence too.. well for me it goes like this..

because of the terrible headache right after i went down from a trike on my way to office i uttered that i could cross the street easily and that there is a jeep waiting across and said "bless me".. and just like what o have wished i crossed the street easily and the jeep is waiting for me... oh diba.

and then, i wished for the jeep to stop exatly on the street going to our office building.. and said "bless me"... and yes it did stop there. grabe na to, i was liked gosh its working with me too?!?!?!

and while walking, i checked my watch, 8:55, sana the elevator is at the ground level so i won't be late at 9am "bless me" ( kasi kapag ganung time all the elevators are really busy ).. and then upon arriving at the grould level i was excited to check if the elevator is ready at the ground floor... and you know what???? its right there.. as if waiting for me... hay.. sobrang "bless me!!"

weird. pero nakakaaliw :)

despite the headache i went home late around 9pm and got home 10pm.

hay.. life. i hope i would get better tomorrow.

posted by jhenny at Friday, September 22, 2006

everyone of us have these what we have called kababawan in our life... and i have my own set too...

... and these are my 12 life's simple pleasures :

12. watching tv ( missed doing tv marathon )

11. taho / coffee ( taho - soy beans with matching sago and arnibal.. wooo hooo! i missed that too )

10. good music ( anything that pleases to my ear, jazzy, alternative, lovesongs, pop, ballad, r&b... novelty, lol. )

9. cross stitch ( patterns, treads, needles, cloth, anything that has something to do with that hobby... i just love that. )

8. talk. talk. talk ( not necessarily tsimisan blues, lol... but good quality talk, opinions, sharing ideas, point of views, silly thinkings, weird topics... just about anything and everything )

7. good sleep ( its been hard to get good sleep these days, is it like your sleeping and yet you feel so very tired.. i missed waking up with an instant smile of having a good sleep.sigh )

6. good book / mags / novels ( i just love to read... anything, and right now im trying to explore other reading materials *not the censored ones, lol*.. im reading filipino authors who writes in tagalog.. and i recommend bob ong books.. real good. )

5. movies together with pop-corns and nachos :). ( i just love it... once one a week or twice a week if time permits. )

4. playing with my pamangkins. ( such a bliss.. super! )

3. internet surfing and blog hopping. ( im currently addicted to it ).

2. day offs ( as in a BIG YEHEYYYY!!! )

1. moments spent with love ones. ( blissfulness )

... how about you guys what are your kababawan in life?? ;)
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after a month of thinking of cleaning my aquariumn, finally nalinis ko din cya last friday morning, because im afraid that when im come back on monday morning they could be dead because of the water pollution inside the aquarium hahaha.

so right now i have two turtles, they are my ever first pets :) . they are named ping and pong. they are very matakaw, as in... and they like to see people, because they always thought na if people are around, they will be feed na hehehe.

actually they were originally 4, yun nga lang weakest link yung dalawa, maagang kinuha ni lord. lol.

they are big now. when i bought them they were very tiny, i think just 1 1/2 inches. pero ngayon palm size na.

i just love them.. lalo na kapag they are playing on the water. :)

on the other hand, yummy's currently pets are lovebirds, he's done with the dogs hehehe.. mga ibon naman ang trip nya.. siguro sa susunod crocodiles naman. lol. he told me he would give me a pair of lovebirds, but im not into bird owning right now, i don't know how to takecare of them kasi, but then sabi ko kapag nag-alaga ako ng bird gusto ko parrot.. tuturuan ko magsalita,... tuturuan ko ng "morning jhenny and sexy mo!" hahahaha. ( at dapat talaga pati ibon turuan magsinungaling.. haha) :p


last sunday was my sister's bday... she and her husband and bambam went to our house to visit and para mag-blowout hehe. some of our cousins dropped by too and naki-kulet sa amin, while mom and aunt are busy, laklak mode lol. :p

as usual nag-concert na naman ang mga kapatid and cousins ko, but me was flat tired asleep... im on the third shift kaya at 3pm bagsak na ako.. as in wala na me pakialam sa paligid ko, i need my sleep.. zzzzz..zzzz..zzzzz


i had an ok week, extended on the night shift.. so i guess more borlog days for me... waaaaaaaaa.. but its ok, i think i enjoy night shifts better, me and yummy are always together ( hatid syempre lol )... then less pressure from the bossing.. kahit na dami clients sa gabi i could handle them naman..

but i have to sacrifice my tv marathon at night :( hay.. kaka-miss manood din.


take a view on my pets... ping and pong. enjoy!

these are my cool pagongers.. haha.
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still on USAPANGPINOY. yesterday i wrote that it is down for some reasons, and upon logging here are the office someone IM me and said that it is backonline. When i checked it later today i found out that there will be a change of ownership in UP. Mr. explorer would be giving it to his friend. He assures everyone that his friend is as kind hearted as he is and have a wide knowledge on websites. ( kasing goodlooking din kaya?? hehehe )... I was shocked and feel sad about it.

Mr. explorer or master ( as we call him ) or gangho ( on chatroom ) is one of the great personalities i have met on the internet. He is unselfish, funny, generous, has a lot of patience of some pasaway member of UP fam plus the fact he has a good singing voice ( wooohooo!!! ). I guess he has some other plans that is why he is giving up his ownership. Im hoping that everything is fine with him and that he coped up with whatever plans he has right now.

Surely he will be missed on the site. And ma-miss ko yung mga jamming sa UP na kasama cya ( mr. e's acoustic version.. san ka pa ). UP is like a family to me na, as I've said on my last blog, i gained friends here, we shared true emotions and sentiments, mga kalokohan, kasiyahan at minsan mga diskusyon.

I hope the incoming owner would be like him... Funny and very down to earth despite on what he have done.

Master explo.. i hope one day makita din kita.. and magre-request ako na kumanta ka with matching gitara. hehehe

way to go master. goodluck and thank you very much.

posted by jhenny at Thursday, September 14, 2006

USAPANGPINOY. i have been part of this cool website for 1 year and 2 months now. have gained friends, mga kaasaran and kalokohan at mga kabaliktaktakan... it got some cool stuff : forums, chatrooms, radio, gallery, news, featured writers, blogs...today when i about to visit the site i was shocked by the response i got upon clicking the site on mg fave list... "THIS WEBSITE NO LONGER EXISTS."... as in.. what?!?!!? not existing anymore?? unang naisip ko agad, "shocks na-detect na naman ata ako ng mga tech.." or "naka-blocked na ba??" and then i found out na lahat pala ndi nakakapasok sa site.. well right now all UPians question is "WHAT HAPPENED?" "WHAT'S GOING ON?"... but no one could give an answer...

well after a much thought on UP, im guessing its down for a moment only.. maybe something new is coming up pretty soon.

i just hope it will be fixed soon. many pinoys around the globe are enjoying the site. for some its their way to decrease their homesickness, to do something when you're bored to death at home and at work.lol.

the people behind USAPANGPINOY are really excellent. unselfish and very generous. and i truely appreciate them.

well sana it could go back online soon. we will miss it for sure.

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and finally, after bugging yummy for a couple of times, we headed to watch a movie last monday, im a good bugger afterall hehehe.. we watched "the wicker man" starring nicholas cage. actually a friend of him did tell him that it is not a good movie, and since im an avid nicholas cage fan ( since national trearuse lang hehehe ) we watched pa din.

hmmm the movies was kinda good for me... hay naku ndi ako masyadong critic eh basta nag-enjoy ako ok na sa akin yun although i agree on the reviews regarding the bear suit hehehe.... and medyo disappointed lang me sa ending.

later that night, i learned that it is a remake movie pala, the orig was released back 1973 ( which is ndi pa ako tao nun hehehe ).

The Wicker Man was a large wicker statue of a human used by the ancient Druids for human sacrifice by burning it in effigy, according to Julius Caesar in his Commentarii de Bello Gallico (Commentary on the Gallic Wars). [1] Modern neopagan groups have adopted the figure, without the human sacrifice element.

the reviews are not good really, because of the story and execution..but i like it anyway.

being a nicholas cage addict its good enough for me hehehe... plus the nachos and pop-corn tastes good! lol.

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People Envy Your Compassion
You have a kind heart and an unusual empathy for all living creatures. You tend to absorb others' happiness and pain. People envy your compassion, and more importantly, the connections it helps you build. And compassionate as you are, you feel for them.
What Do People Envy About You?
compassionate... i have always knew that im a really compassionate person, and it's very true that i can feel someone's happiness and pains, especially friends and love ones... but im just not sure if other people get envy of me because of being compassionate.... kasi im used to people who get envy with me kasi im pretty. hahahaha.. loko lang. ;-)
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last monday was spent so good... i had a bonding with yummy. we watched a local movie, You Are The One... the movie was ok, not so good but its ok. Pakilig moments lang talaga si toni and sam, teenager ang dating, pero ok naman kasi they look good together and toni is super nakaka-aliw talaga... plus sexy..hehehe...

and then after movie we went to pampered ourselves with facial treatment. sarap ng feeling... its like i haven't had facial treatment for ages.. duh!

and while waiting for 20 minutes for the purple cream treatment we do some photo session hehehe.. mga adik sa pix eh.. lol.

and after that we went for a dinner at KFC.. yey!!! grabe last week ko pa kasi gustong kumain sa KFC, parang suddenly nag-crave ako sa spicy hot chicken nila.. plus mashed potatoes! yum yum!!! hehehe...

tapos went straight home na. konting bonding sa harap ng tv din uwi na cya... im kinda feeling sad kasi na mi-miss ko si bumbum :-( .... that's why i asked him a couple more minutes pa to stay sa house.

after yummy left, i went back to my cross stitching.. im thinking of putting this as a business..hmmmm wish ko lang makaya ko... :-)

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it was penshoppe's 20th anniversary and as part of their celebration they are giving out free concert tickets depending on how much you have availed on their clothing products.

my cousin is really a big band fan... and knowing i like pinoy bands too she bug me to go with her on the penshoppe denimlab rockfest ( music and fashion for the love of denim ) this was held at the big dome araneta coliseum last sept. 01.

it was indeed a lot of fun and music and clapping and growling and shouting and cheering hehehe.. its was really really FUN.

20 bands are there plus echo rosales and heart evangelista... yey!

among the 20 bands are the hot ones right now... starting with kamikazee ( parang love ko na tong bandang to hehehe ) syempre pa ndi pwedeng walang "narda" and parokya ni edgar, hay papable talaga si chito who sang buloy, mang jose and the order taker..

trivia: parokya ni edgar and kamikazee band are real good friends, in fact the song "narda" was written by chito miranda, and becauase chito somehow felt that his voice doesn't fit with the song, he gave it to Jay Contreras ( Kamikazee's vocalist )... and then presto.. a big hit for the kamikazee with "narda".

back to araneta rockfest... 6 cycle mind sang very known songs "sandalan", "i" and "sige" at may bonus pa nalaglag sa stage yung vocalist hehehe... pero daming palakpak when they were on stage galeng kasi eh and they have really good songs... alive na alive and araneta!

imago with their lovely vocalist aia and songs "tara lets, tara-tara-tara lets!" "akap" ... then mojofly danda ni lougee... pati yung drummer papable hehehe, araneta was making some noise kapag focus yung papa na drummer..

among the bands that the crowd go crazy talaga were...

hale ( loveu papa champ! hehehe ) sang their new hit blue sky ( new album ) ang kahit pa....

sandwich in their "sugod mga kapatid. tayo ng magsama-sama, iwagayway na ang bandera, rock and roll hanggang umaga"... *sabay headbang at talon* hehehe....

sugarfree with "tulog na mahal ko..." and "hari ng sablay".....

itchyworms with their latest single "beer light" ( ganda nyan promise ) and "akin ka na lang" iingatan ko ang puso, akin ka na lang wala ng hihigit pa sayo.... ( the best! )

pupil ( si papa ely buendia naman ) with "nasaan ka?".. mahahanap din kita, mahahanap din kita... kung may langit nga ba...

sponglecola was not so good that night... kakainis si yael eh, OA ang performance puro growl pa, ndi naman bagay sa kanya...

other bands that were present that night were mayonaise, protein shake, juana, pedicab, kala, callalily, up dharma down, dicta license.

and of course last but not the least... tadaaaaaaa.... BAMBOO!! sobra, stading obation at talagang dagundong ang buong araneta..... syempre ndi mawawala ang "hoy!! pinoy ako, buo aking loob may agimat ang dugo.. hoy!! pinoy ako, may agimat ang dugo ko... ".... and the very famous.... "halleluiah"...

sabay rampa sina echo at heart... at ang nakakagulat.. nadapa si heart... everybody was in shocked, walang maka-react and to make it worst, 2 times cyang nadapa... sakpla diba. sabay takbo si papa echo para alalayan si mama heart... pero professional talaga si heart, kahit medyo ika na sa paglakad.. rampa pa din and she was welcomed with loud of applause during her ramp on the catwalk ...

well accident really happens sometime, i think there something wrong with the stage, siguro medyo madulas or could be ndi nya ma-balance yung wings nya ( angel look kasi ) and she is wearing 6 inches high heel...

all in all, it went well... minus the mishap the event was very successful and very fun!

way to go penshoppe! and rock on! ;-)