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dati ang pagkakaalam ko lang sa salitang "drawing" is like sketching or painting. but nowadays the word drawing also meant "indyan" or if someone had stand on a certain plans or gimmick.

diba nakakainis kapag na-drawing ka?!?!?!... last monday na-drawing na naman ako for the nth time! grrr.....

he asked if i would like to join him and his boss and his boss' date for some little night out on ratsky, malate. i asked him do you have some money pa ba? kasi we are both broke at this moment.. too many gastos.. geezzz. and then he told, its ok i have some. so i said OK.

so ganda ng plan, after he picked me up from work at 3pm, hatid nya me sa bahay ng tita ko (that's where i live) and then told me na he would picked me up again at 7pm, he just need to go back in his office because he need to do some paper works.

so i rested for a while, then i informed my tita na i have a date.

at 6pm i prepared my clothes, i changed my bag, and had some shower and then get dressed. it was almost 7pm and i was combing my hair when my cp beeped.. so i thought maybe its him texting me "malapit na me ready ka na ba?" ( kasi he knows how super late and how so bagal kung kumilos)... i ignored it since im done na and just waiting for him, when i did not replied back soon he called na.. that's when i took my cp and answered his call.. just to let me know that it has been cancelled kasi his boss had changed plans... gad!

i was there waiting, fully dressed. and sasabihin sa akin cancelled?!?!?...

i was really MAD at that time at talagang naiiyak ako sa sama ng loob... i did not feel mad because it has been cancelled.. i felt mad becauase they did not informed or he did not informed me beforehand... at least sana man lang hinde na ako nag-effort na mag-prepare... i was mad because for the NTH time na-drawing na naman ako.

he just don't have any idea how i really looked that night.. everyone in the house is was like.. uh oh! war na to!

i don't care if seems mababaw to him pero for me that was really a BIG DEAL.

and so, after hearing his call, i put down the phone na and never answered his text and calls for the whole night...

i had planned not to take any calls from him the following day.. kaya lang nakalusot sa guard, nai-connect sa landline phone ko sa office... wala na ako nagawa kinausap ko na cya and had told him how frustrated and disappointed i was.

and so i had forgiven him, actually its not his all fault naman talaga. eh mabaet ako kaya pinatawad ko na din cya :)

at wish ko lang hinde na muna ulet ako ma-drawing until the end of year :) .... wish ko lang.

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You Are a Warrior Soul
You're a strong person and sometimes seen as intimidating. You don't give up. You're committed and brave. Truly adventuresome, you are not afraid of going to battle. Extremely protective of loved ones, you root for the underdog. You are picky about details and rigorous in your methods. You also value honesty and fairness a great deal. You can be outspoken, intimidating, headstrong, and demanding. You're a hardliner who demands the best from themselves and others. Souls you are most compatible with: Old Soul and Peacemaker Soul
What Kind of Soul Are You?
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as a kid i've always wanted to see a clown, kasi parang ang cute nila seeing them on tv or movies, but then when i got the chance to see a clown i did not felt happy, i even said to myself "hinde naman pala masaya makakita ng clown".. and from there on, i don't want and don't like to go near them and see their faces...

i could bear seeing them from a distance but then sobrang kaba na yung nararamdaman ko nun...i don't know why. feeling ko nga dati ang weird ko, kasi parang yung mga friends ko they like clowns.. and so i thought i could out-grow this feeling.. but then i was wrong..

during college days, my friends would teased me "ano ka ba, ang tanda mo na no takot ka pa sa clown." eh sa takot ako eh anong magagawa nyo.

would you believe, even with ronald mcdonald i can't bear being near him.. promise. one time, a new mcdonald store was opened near our university, little did i know, during that merienda time when we were there nandun si ronald the mascot, i was really feeling nervous and tense seeing him, kasi he's table hopping that time. i did not finished what i was eating and go out from the store and just waited my friends outside...

it was december, i was working na that time, and we went out for lunch, and then there's a new amusement park opened near our office site, and so clowns and dolls-like girls went outside to give brochures, they were walking on the street, into vehicles and into every person they could see.. when i seen them coming toward us, i was kinda avoiding them na, and then one of colleague was pointing at me because they know how i am afraid of clowns, and when i thought he's going to me, i crossed the street.. d bale na mabangga ako... and so i heard the clown saying hesitantly with understanding "ayaw nya eh, takot cya sa clown" .. and i was like thinking to myself, alam din pala nila na may takot sa kanila na kagaya ko. :(

some of my friends would comment, "hay naku, kawawa naman magiging anak mo, hinde makakaranas ng clown sa party!" and i was like oo nga no.. then i would replied back "hay, hayaan mo na, baka kapag nagka-anak ako hinde na uso ang clown!" :P

and when im invited in a children's party my first question would always be "meron bang clowns?"

i really don't know why and where this fear coming from, i haven't had any bad encounter with clowns but then i felt this way towards them..

and then i searched on the internet what is the term for fear of clowns... COULROPHOBIA.

and i realized hinde pala ako nag-iisa, madami rin pala kaming takot sa clown. pero ang nawi-weirduhan pa din ako, kaya lang wala naman ako magagawa, ayaw ko talaga sa clown.

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last thursday, i wanted to go home early because im feeling really low and bored at work, unfortunately i can't just run on the door and press the elevator down to the ground floor because we had alot of things to do and too many issues need to be addressed with the staff.. i was so very stressed out.

my mind is flying somewhere else and i keep on staring on my comp screen, i can't do any work, i feel very stucked and i got a very low energy. i keep on figuring what's wrong with me hay.. for almost a week now i've been coming to work earlier than my usual time hay naninibago siguro hehehe :P

hay i went to our canteen bought a coke in can thinking that would help lift my mood :)

mood up-lifter???

it did helped a little but still i decided i need to go home a bit early and visit our home in LP. siguro na mi-miss ko lang pamangkin ko :)

of course picture taking na naman :)
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pizza! pizza!.. hehehe last friday we had a pizza night here at the office, our clients who were scheduled to leave that morning treated us with lots of pizza :) their simple way of showing they appreciate the effort and the hardwork we are doing for them :).

and so, the pizza ravaging begin! hehehe.. we had the 18" manhattan meatlovers and new york finest of yellowcab.. yummy!

i've got 2 1/2 slices sprinkled with chili flakes hahaha.. sobrang takaw ko :P

thanks very much dear clients! :)

pizza for everybody! :)


im eating alot of cakes this week. one of the managers celebrated her bday last monday, so for 2 days we had cake festival all over the place :P

im not supposed to eat sweets right now, but i can't help it!!! tsaka na ang diet-diet.. mag-cake na lang muna ako hehehe :P

argh!!! puro sweets... go girl! :P

from contis pastry and bakeshop.... yum!
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i love movies. i watched whatever appeals good to me, im not into too much action though, i hate bloody movies, i can't really bear it. i love simple stories, romance-comedy, light drama genre. i go for local and foreign films. minsan kahit corny go pa din ako hehehe.

last saturday, i had the chance to watch my ultimate soulmate LOL. no other than ASTHON KUTCHER! hehehe.. im such a fanatic. it felt so cool watching him again with his movie. The Guardian is a good movie, well for me :) im not much of a critic moviegoer specially on ashton hehe, i had fun watching it. at tunay na ako'y nabighani na naman haha.. :P

hay asthon, kelan ka ba magiging akin?? i can't wait! hehehe :P


yesterday i had a nice girl bonding with my friends. i haven't seen them for a while and haven't heard so much from them. and of course since kasing adik ko sila sa movie we decided to watch a movie. the very horrible TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE. grabe tong movie na to, i haven't watched the 2003 movie so i never expected na ganito ka brutal yung movie. it was so scary. i never did watched kasi as in nakatakip ang mga mata ko at i can't even stand the sounds im hearing.. i really wanted to get out of the movie house, nahihiya lang ako sa mga friends ko kasi pinagtatawanan na nila ako, anyway sila din naman nakatakip ang mata haha, sobrang ayaw ko na tapusin. its just too much of a violence. too bloody. and very yikes.... cannibalism ulk! i almost throw up. nagsisi tuloy ako na yun ang pinanood namin, sana pala TILL I MET YOU na lang ni robin at regine hehehe.. :P mapapa-aww pa ako LOL :P

and last night it keeps playing on my head. hinde tuloy ako makatulog waaaaaaaaaa lintek na chainsaw yan. :(

but nonetheless, i had a great time with my friends :) its just so nice to see them again.

i love fruit magic! yumyum ;)

alms & tin || lorns and me

nice smiles :)
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i feel so gloomy the past few days.. argh! just got so many emotions running thru my head and feeling right now.

i just needed some time to get them out of my chest.

my personal and career life right now is a bit mess, hmmmmnn just a little mess.

i feel so tired, so used, so drained, so betrayed... emotionally, physically and mentally. and i really feel so very hurt.

waaaaaaaaa.. im not used to be like this... i hate feeling so helpless and sad.

hoping and wishing the coming week would be a different one.. :( a more fruitful, peaceful and happy week.. i'm crossing my fingers. sigh.

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hahaha! grabe.. totoo ba yan?? kakatuwa naman, 80% kamukha ko daw si jenny ng endless love korean novela and full house... pansin ko lang parang mas madami akong kahawig na mga singkit?? eh hinde naman singkit mata ko... anyway wala akong magagawa dyan, yan ang lumabas sa heritage look a like celeb. haha :)

i got this from blog hopping. try nyo din guys, its fun! :) LOOK-A-LIKE-CELEB

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last saturday was the final competition for our annually sport festival, this year i did not participated in any events and im not even one of the marshalls because most of my work schedules are all on nights shifts during the entire sport festival weeks. and so i did not witnessed any events *sigh* plus the fact that our group is too busy catching with our backlogs, so this year, no sportfest for us, hopefully next year would be different.

there are 4 majors groups that are competiting for our sportfest, it think i had mentioned on some of my blog entries about it. our opponents group are the red phoenix, green dragon and blue sharks (astig ng mga dating no!)... and then our group is named after yellow tarsiers! ( hahaha, seems funny, the other 3 groups puro astig pagdating sa amin tarsier hahaha)... nonetheless we are on second rank on overall tally. it was the red phoenix who won with just 4pts ahead of us *sayang* di bale we will strive harder next year :)

go go yellow tarsier! :)


i purchased new pair of eyes err.. new glasses last week :) actually it was just an accidental purchased, we are at the mall with my officemate when we passed by at a optical shop, and we are just like checking out some cool eye glasses frames and had no intention of buying a new pair, swerte because the store are offering as much as 50% off, imagine hehehe kaya go and buy a new pair. my grade has been higher na this year from my last 300/250 it is now 450/350... tsk tsk tsk... baka mabulag na ako nito :P

i didn't realized i needed indeed a new pair of glasses maybe that explains why i had some terrible headaches the past few weeks. well im just glad i had new glasses now :)

la lang model lang hehe :P
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last saturday i met up with college friends, actually it was not planned, i was supposed to pick up my new eye glasses and was in total hurry because the mall might be close before i ever get there. and then my friend called me, they were bugging about it, seeing once in a while and have a good time, unfortunately i still have work that night and i can't afford to be absent or else i'll lose my job hehehe, no one is present that night, no manager, no other supervisor, so i really need to be on work, but my friends tricked me, they told me that we're just going to have dinner and medyo nakunsencya ako because they told me that emy is leaving the next week, she's just here for a short vacation from her work in qatar.

when i got there i learned that emy is leaving the next month, sly ladies... but i had fun anyway, it was unending updating with each others lives :) i didn't realized how i missed them until last saturday night.

i had so much fun, they drink some san mig, i didn't dare hehehe because i really need to report for work and plus the fact i don't drink beer, ginebra kasi ang katapat ko hahaha...

i went to work at 12:45am, so late, but its ok than never showing up, i had to call the guard on duty na abangan ako sa kanto because im really afraid kasi nga very late na and waaaaaaaa... i really hate walking alone with all the trees and wind blowing, i just can't bear it...

buti na lang mabaet si manong guard hehehe kung hinde na-heart attack na ako sa takot hehehe.


last sunday, we had a picture taking with our bumbum.. my beloved nephew.. he's so cute, barely 5 months and very very charming hehehe... cya na lang pag-asa namin na magkaroon ng artista sa lahi namin hahaha...


bumbum with tito jay || cutie bumbum

tita jencel, tito jay and bumbum
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i was so happy because finally i got a checking account, hehehe, i badly needed it for my personal loan that has been approved since last week, but i need to have a checking account first before i could get the proceeds. well luckliy yummskie helped me to get it in just 1hr, viola i got it! :)

and so after getting it, we headed for the other bank to get my ever badly needed personal loan, actually its for my sister, she just used my credentials and she was bugging me for weeks on that. hopefully she would be dutiful enough to pay her debt or else i would really smack her together with her husband :P

and as reward for my yummskie to all the istorbo i made, i treated him in a dinner. we went to hula-hula seafoods and barbecue in westgate alabang. its a mxture of hawaiin, japanese, vietnamese food. but all in all the food are awesome, tastes good and the presentation is cute :) i love their crab maritess (olive oil and lots lots of garlic.. yumyum) and the black rice is really a high five :)

nice place || starter calamari

yummy crab!! :)

the bamboo with the rice inside || delicious black rice with topped with salmon, egg and squids

yummy black marlin

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last monday i was so excited on the thought that we are going to watch a 3D movie at the IMAX theater at the MOA (mall of asia). the film is entitled t-rex. it was supposed to be may first IMAX movie :) kaya lang malas ata ako eh, sobrang excited ko yun wala pa lang schedule yung t-rex ng 5pm, it was 2pm pala and 8:30pm, my bf just assumed the 5pm sked, *sigh*, we cannot afford to watch at 8:30pm becauase i need to be at the office ( alabang ) before 10pm. sigh.

and so bye bye Imax ang drama ko, i was kinda not in the mood to watch na, but then since we are there na we just watch STEP UP, its a nice movie, i love their soundtrack and im hunting it now hehehe.

imax at the lobby || imax outside the MOA

after watching the movie, i asked bf to passed by on the goldilocks because i wanted to buy ONE WATER baller band. i have watched the abs-cbn's concert supporting the la mesa dam and no to the housing project that needs to build near the dam. and so sabi ko bibili talaga ako ng baller to show support. i bougth two, tig-isa kami ni yummskie, at talagang pinilit ko cya na isuot yun hehe (pressure ito!) hehehe. anyway cute naman eh. :)

ONE WATER baller band, support the La Mesa Water Shed
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last week, wednesday i was watching tv that night and there were flash report that classes are suspended the next day because a typhoon is approaching manila and that this one would be one of the great storm we had in years, hearing the news i was like uh oh, PAG-ASA is forecasting again, ( you can't blame me, as a student i have some experiences with PAG-ASA's not so good weather forecast, i once remembered the classes has been cancelled due to typhoon but then it was extremely hot that day, i don't have to mention the others i guess :P ).

when i woke up thursday morning, i realized we had some serious storm on our way, the same storm we have in months, lots of rain of course.

when i was about leave the house i've learned that it was signal no.3 and i realized i need to get cab or else i'll be getting at the office just like a soaking sponge dish. Umbrella would be no use given the wind that seems to blow you away too.

actually i have these plan on not reporting for work that day, with that kind of weather its always seems to drag you back on your bed, but then i had to literally pulled up myself to get ready for work unless i have the intention of being one on the list of growing unemployed here in the country. The reason is that we are expecting a visitor from US that day, and by hook or by crook i need to be there at the office.

i was having an early lunch at our cafeteria with some of the officemates and was starled to see up rooted tress from a nearby park. the cafeteria is located at the 3rd floor of the building and the all glass structure of the building gave us a great view of what is really happening outside.

trees are being uprooted one by one, signage are falling, tin roof is flying everywhere from a nearby building, and hopefully no one got hurt because it seemed to be like a paper being flown at other side of the street. i can't believe it my eyes, i under estimated milenyo.

it just took nearly 3-4 hours as milenyo passed by but greatly hit metro manila. many people died. a lot of things had been damaged. and most of all, he put luzon on a blackout and no water.

we have lived 3 days and 2 nights primitively. struggling to find some water to drink at least. candles and bottled water are all sold out. atm machines are all offline. some gas stations are beimg manually opeated and i have a seen a great pile of cars at any open gas station.

im glad we had suvived the storm but sorry to hear some people's death. It is a one hell of a experience.

as of the moment im glad that the electricity had gone back, though some part of the metro stil got no luck. we are now slowly going back to our normal lives... but i heard there's another typhoon coming.. named NENE. uh no, not again.

these are the pics i got on some of the poor trees. these were taken at the 12thflr of our office building.

i have seen these people going home after the first hit of milenyo...

...while we are still working... i went home at 7pm that faithful thursday. see how afraid i am to be part of the unemployed club?? LOL.