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You Should Be a Song Writer
You have the ability to evoke emotion, tell a story, and hook someone... In a very small amount of words, perhaps with some deft rhyming. Even if you can't write music, you can sure write compelling lyrics. Lyrics so good, people will have them stuck in their heads!
What Type of Writer Should You Be?
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the cool band name generator!.. astig! hehehe

Your Band Name is:
The Alien Eyedrops
Band Name Generator
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so try this one and see what kind of rejected crayon you are... ;-)
You are
What Rejected Crayon Are You?
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this week has been my sleepiest week ever!!! i feel like i wanted to bring my own bed here in the office... i haven't yet got enough sleep... which is i really badly needed to be able to work better... zzzzzZZZZZzz.... zzZZZZZzzzz... zzzzzZZZZZZzzzzz
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i had a very enjoable and tiring monday.. as in!!!

i woke up at 3am in the morning because bumbum is playing and everybody is still asleep, see? 3rd shift cya eh hehehe... so yun nagkargahan kami and I just wait for my mama to wake up at 4am... until then super laro muna kami ni cutie pamangkin.

at 5am i kissed bumbum byebye, my mom headed on the market with my brother and then me i go home on my tita.

when i got home, i ate breakfast and fixed my room and check some stuff on my room and then i gathered all my books that don't have plastic cover yet, and yun binalutan ko silang lahat... and after that i got busy between reading books and watching tv.

after lunch about 2pm i was getting ready for a date hehehe... and before that daan muna kami sa hospital because my other pamangkin is in hospital, wawa naman, she's a month younger that bumbum.. she's be turning 2 months this aug. 27... and her nickname is.. bambam!... ang cute ng mga nicknames nila no hehehe.. bumbum and bambam!! kapag ako daw ang nagka-baby and pangalan .. bambum! hehehe.. **sagwa naman nun!** hehehe

after an hour visit sa hospital, we headed on the ATC ( alabang town center ) with my yummy.. actually he wanted to watch ant bully at the Imax theater at MOA ( mall of asia ) kaya lang i thought na its too expensive for an animation na sobrang pambata, so, sa ATC kami, and watched CLICK of adam sadler and kate beckinsale. It was fun and touchy. The film is good ( for me, kasi im not the super critic talaga eh )... galeng ni adam sadler :-) ang moral lesson : don't hurry on things, try to enjoy even the not so pleasant things or happenings in life because u might be missing on some important events in your life and regret it when its really too late.

after watching movie, deretso sa office.. need to work pa and have to stay late the following day because some of our clients from US were here to visit and do a tour on some of our buildings.. i was so nervous... pati tuhod ko nanginginig *tama ba spelling ko???* sa tensyon... kasi unang-una ngayon ko lang sila ma-meet.. secondly mapapasabak ako ng englishan hahahaha eh mahina ako sa english.. at higit sa lahat.. sampu silang lahat.. waaaaaa patay na talaga!!....

but things went well, ndi naman ako nabulol or hinimatay pagkakita ko sa kanila hehehehe, nag-utuan, chikahan, bolahan.. hahaha... tanong sa mga projects, turn around times, error rate, manpower, at kung ano ano pa...

at pagka-alis nila.. para akong kandilang nauupos.. kasi nakahinga na ako ng maluwag hehehe..

kaya yun, i went home at 12:30pm and got home at 1:30pm then sleep at 2:00pm waaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.. imagine 31hrs akong gising... sobra!!!

kaya pagpasok ko kanina dito sa work.. late ako ng 33 minutes! hehehe...

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my weekend was not fun, i just stayed home and sleep all day... as usual 3rd shift na naman kasi ako... i went home a bit late, then went to the mall to buy some books.. when i reached home, ginising ko yung pamangkin ko para maglaro kami hehehe.. he's so cute talaga.. kahit pagalitan ako ng nanay ko ndi ko pinansin basta kinarga ko cya galing sa duyan and then hinele-hele ko hehehe... syempre spoiled kay tita si bumbum eh... at good news he is not wearing gloves anymore hehehe.. damulag na daw kasi cya hehehe...

and then right after eating my brunch i was ready to doze off.. nilapag ko na din sa duyan si bumbum at hinayaan ko na rin cya to fall asleep.. kasi, just like me graveyard shift din cya... graveyard shift cya naglalaro at nagpapasaway hehehe.. manang-mana sa titang pretty.. lol.

i asked my sister na yugyugin ako at 4pm.... kasi the buzz!!! na, hehehehe.. ewan ko ba i just need na maki-chismis sa showbiz kung ano na ba latest.. unfortunately when i opened my eyes it was 7pm already!!! hay.. na-miss ko tuloy si tita cristy, tito boy at lola kris!! and wondering ano kaya bago sa the buzz... *sabay hikab*

.. and bumbum was still sleeping hehehe.. takaw din sa tulog, puyat kasi sa kaka-pasaway eh.. at syempre wala na naman akong magawa, kaya ginising ko na cya... kasi past six hours na the last time na dumedede cya ng gatas nya...at syempre pa maglalaro na kami, hehehe.... my pamangkin is so talkative, kahit na 3 months old pa lang.. he's making sounds na and he keeps on smiling... plus the fact na he has 2 dimples, cleft chin and very round pair of eyes.. san ka pa diba. hehehe.. pupusta ako gwaping to paglaki.. **sana maging artista** hehehe

at yun.. after ng isang oras na laro namin, tulog na ulet si tita hehehe. night night bumbum.

.. hay pasencya na kayo kung walang wenta ang wento ko, ganito talaga ako kapag dinadalaw ni anne.... ni ANNETOK!!... nyahahahahahaha ( ang corny mo jenn!! ) nyahahahaha.... kape pa ngaaaaaa at redbull!!! ((( shabu na lang kaya, kasi mas effective daw yun na pampagising eh ))) *** kamot sa ulo, sabay lingon-lingon*** joke lang po hehehe...

below are the pics of bumbum.. ang future na artista ng lahi namin hehehe...

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its weekend again.. i have nothing to do but to stay home and sleep... hehehe.. im at the night shift and its really hard on me to go malling or visit any place and be awake the whole day when i was at work last night...

and right now, im trying a new craft... tadaaa!!! STENCILING!... this sounds fun.. im a frustrated painter.. and i can't even do sketches... even to draw sticks are not my cup of tea really, and i admire people who got the talent on painting or any form of drawings...

james, my american friend gave me a stenciling set as a gift and i really. really appreciate it. :-)

and because im one of those very-bad-on-drawing-or-painting-ever.... and considering myself a hopeless case on that field hehehe.. i already gave up on that long time ago.... but now i will try which seems to be close enough with painting.... stenciling! yey!!!!

A stencil is a cartoon, number, letter, illustration, typographical symbol, or any other shape or image in cut-out form (it can be cut out of paper, cardboard , metal or other material). Stencils are used to create sharp-edged paintings of the desired image, by applying paint on the surface with the cut-out, leaving a painting of that shape on the underlying surface. Stencils can be made with one or many color layers using different techniques.

Silk-screen printing also uses a stencil process, as does mimeography . The masters from which mimeographed pages are printed are often called "stencils." In silk-screening and mimeography, multiple stencils are often used on the same surface to produce multi-colored images.

Stencils have also become popular for graffiti, since stencil art using spray-paint can be produced quickly and easily. These qualities are important for graffiti artists where stenciling is illegal or quasi-legal, depending on the city and stenciling surface. The extensive lettering possible with stencils makes it especially attractive to political artists. Also well known for their use of stencil art is Blek le Rat from France and Banksy, a British street artist. A related surrealist technique is aerography, in which spray-painting is done around a three-dimensional object. ( source : wikipedia )

.... im pretty excited to try it... though im only making some that are not so biggie projects ( as of the moment ).... maybe i'll start with boxes and gift wrappers...

i'll try to post here some of my finished products :-) ( if ever i will able to do one ) hehehe.

im currently busy with one my crosstitch ( butterfies ).

...take a look on my materials of my first-ever-stencil-project-in-a-box! :-)

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SUKOB. the only word that comes out on everybody's mouth today... "napanood mo na sukob??"... everyone is asking around.... and after 2 weeks of my frustrations of not finding some time to watch it, finally yesterday i was inside on one of those SM movie house and guess what? .... yeah you're right.. screaming my heart out. hehehe... take note i heard some men screamed too hahaha.

Its been three weeks since it has opened and yet they are still a lot of people wanted to watch it. And believe me every penny you'll spend surely worth it. I can say that this is a very good film. Better than "Feng Shui" ( if ever u had the chance to watch it )

Sukob is story about a superstitions belief wherein siblings got married within the same year. And because of that, Sandy's ( Kris Aquino ) and Diana's ( Claudine Barretto ) lives would change forever.

The scare is effective. Sukob really gave the audience a lot of things to get hoarse about. And right now Im having a post-horror-film-syndrome, hahaha ( i can't use the restroom and elevator alone )

One of the most-screamed-at scene was when a nude Wendell Ramos was in the shower, and the flower-girl ghost was stalking him. I am not sure if the screams were because of fear that Wendell was going to die, or because Wendell was butt-naked in the shower.... but actually for me im screaming for both! hahahaha

Sukob is not bad. People looked satisfied as they went out of the cinema, and although its a horror film everyone is smiling after the movie. It is also a manifestation that our film industry had definitely improved thru the years.

Its a must-see-movie... but just remember...


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i was literally running home last night just to catch up with MMK ( maalala mo kaya - abs-cbn ).. and luckily it hasn't started yet when i reached home... the story is about mhel...he is a loving son, a good kuya and a caring uncle... he is a very intelligent school teacher that had lost his sanity thru traumatic experience of being bumped by a car and thru stress.

.. and as always its a tearjerker....

i was very moved by mhel's story... and i admired him for his attitude. despite his illness he knows what is the right thing to do. i admired his bravery, his affections towards his family, his sincerity.

piolo pascual has done a great job playing the role as mhel.. he is definitely one of the good local actors we have right now... jodi sta.maria was equally good who played mhel's younger sister.

i have learned that showing your love with your family does not require intellegence and healty minds... a pure heart is enough.


on the lighter mode, my 2 makukulet na brothers were sent by their school to compete for a quiz bee and programming contest on a division level. Nine schools were to compete against each other. And fortunately one of my brother won, a 2nd placer on the programming contest! yey!!!..... mana sa ate hehehehe....

im so proud of them... im planning to buy them some reward :-) they are really good studs... ndi sayang ang pagwo-work ni ate :-)

im excited over the weekend... going to my tita's bday celebration.. we'll met some cousins and chika to the max hehehe...

and also.. got a surprise text from my good friend who works in dubai, she's here for a vacation... waaaaa i remember those days... na wala kaming ginawa kundi puro kamalditahan... hahaha... but seriously we are good girls... wag nga lang gagalitin hehehe...

and oh... its raining again! uh oh...

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this is my ever first blog. hmmmm.. what to do now??