posted by jhenny at Tuesday, March 27, 2007

last week was not so good week for me.. so lazy to do things, so unproductive, been thinking a lot *sigh* ... plus i've got a very heart breaking news..

i wonder why politics exists in companies.. not only here but abroad too.. i always thought politics don't apply on other countries, such as progressive countries.. but i am so wrong..

and now i really feel bad.. it has nothing to do with me personally, i am hurt right now because of a very dear friend..

a friend who's always been there to help me and get me thru all these years with our work related problems.. and now i feel so helpless not even know how can i help him.. :(

for me he's not just a friend, i consider him as my coach, mentor, trainer... my number fan as he said :) , my number one idol ;), my listener, my fun in a day :) my chika buddy as well...

sometimes i just don't understand why some white guys are really such a bunch of @ssholes...

...so sorry to hear that news.

...and i hope things would get better and right and respectful.

...and don't let those stupids do those things to you, you deserved so much more.

...and yes, they are all losers!

posted by jhenny at Friday, March 23, 2007

i think i'm a bit late for this meme.. i didn't know that i was tagged my misyel.. haha.. girl sorry ha ngayon ko lang nabasa to.. pero here it is na po.. *hugs* :)

Ten Things I Would Never Do

1) i would never forget my family - in all aspects i would alywas be here for my family.

2) i would never remain single all my life - haha.... everyone is bugging of this.. natatakot sila na ndi na ako mag-asawa haha.. ako pa :P at isa pa 27 is not an old maid pa naman diba :)

3) i would never step on other's people lives because i don't want that to happen on me too.

4) i would never accept an indicent proposal - as if naman meron magpo-propose hahaha. basta lang feeling ko kunwari artista ako lol :P

5) i would never regret all things that had happened in my life, either its a good or bad experience kasi i have learned alot from it.

6) i would never beg for someone to love me and would never ask someone to stay if he's not happy with me anymore (in relationship)

7) i would never kill. lamok pwede pa siguro, pero tao ndi ko kaya hehe.

8) i would never run as a president of the philippines ---- sorry jhames. hahaha :P

9) i would never forget my faith in God.

10) i would never feel unblessed even if im struggling and full of hardship in life :)

im tagging anyone... guys feel free to be tagged ha :)
posted by jhenny at Wednesday, March 21, 2007

for the longest time i was able to watch a movie last saturday haha.. gad how i missed watching movies...

we've watched 300 at a movie house near our office... and it was absolutely good! at first i was so hesitant to watch it kasi nga feeling ko baka boring... buti na lang, i changed my mind :)

it was indeed one of the great movies i've ever seen.. great story, great cinematography, great color.. basta great lahat hehe..pero wag kayo masyado maniwala sa akin, kasi ndi ako magaling na critic, haha. basta para sa akin great cya :)

and i absolutely salute the 300 spartans and King Leonidas

viva la 300 spartans! :) it was worth the 130php hehe :)


hay.. bad news naman.. i've been suffering from headaches lately.. i don't know why.. before ganito na din ako.. madalas sumpungin ng headaches pero nawala di naman.. but lately its re-occuring.. shocks! little did i know baka matitigok na pala ako hehe, wag naman sayang naman ang lahi ko ndi ko pa nakikita :P

i had to stop doing some cross stitch because of this :( or maybe it has something to do with my eyes..

eh kasi naman sana pala talaga kumain ako ng maraming kalabasa nung bata pa ako eh :P

posted by jhenny at Wednesday, March 14, 2007

i got this meme from tina :) i tagged myself hehe.. thanks sis!

A - Available/Single? - single
B - Best Friend? - peter pan
C - Cake or Pie? - cake
D - Drink Of Choice? - coffeem iced tea, fresh buko juice
E - Essential Item You Use Everyday? - cellphone, pc, bag, wallet
F - Favorite Colour? - blue, green, red
G - Gummy Bears Or Worms? - Gummy Bears.
H - Hometown? - ParaƱaque city
I - Indulgence? - cross stitch, magazines, books
J - January Or February? - Feb syempre :)
K - Kids & Their Names? - N/A pa po hehe
L - Life Is Incomplete Without? - family
M - Marriage date? - ngeks.. groom muna hahanapin ko hehe
N - Number Of Siblings? - 5. 3 sisters (judy, joanne and jencel) and 2 brothers (jeff and jason)
O - Oranges Or Apples? - oranges rich in vit C hehe
P - Phobias/Fears? - clowns.. sobra!
Q - Favorite Quote? - "Live life to the fullest"
R - Reason to Smile? - my family, friends, pamangkins
S - Season? - Fall and Winter, i really wanted to see trees turning to bright orange, napakaganda ng view and syempre snow gusto ko maranasan kung paano gumawa ng snow balls :P hehe
T - Tag people? - anyone na lang.. feel free to be tagged ayyt :)
U - Unknown Fact About Me? - hmmm ano nga ba? that im a celebrity??!?! ching!! haha joke lang...
V - Vegetable you don't like? - kamote leaves, okra, saluyot
W - Worst Habit? - i buy lot of magazines pero madalas nakatambak lang kasi ala time basahin hehe
X - X-rays You've Had? - once lang, kasi yung trike na sinasakyan ko tumaob waaaaa
Y - Your Favorite Food? - chinese food and pinoy dishes.. seafoods, potatoes, ice cream...
Z - Zodiac Sign? - Pisces.

... kayo naman guys :)
posted by jhenny at Monday, March 12, 2007

been busy with work lately kaya ndi nakakapag-update :) but guys buhay pa naman ako hehe.. so musta naman ang mga buhay-buhay natin dyan???

well maraming nangyari for the past week... well i hope maisulat ko pa lahat lol.

we had a very bad internet connection sa office the past week, my gad.. parusa... super backlog na kami tapos down lahat ng systems.. waaaaaaa... kaya one week din mainit ang ulo, ching! haha.. but seriously talagang ndi maganda ang timpla ko the past week, siguro sa pressure na rin sa work at sobrang daming iniisip.. very critical ang week na nagdaan... at before the week ends, may sobrang nagpa-init ng ulo ko na naging cause ng series of emails including the bosses.. well, nothing to worry on me kasi im on the right track.. ang mga kabangga ko... IT dept! haha... they learned their lessons now, ( i hope ) and as of the moment the people involved in the incident is making a good alibi/explanation on our IT director..

i didn't feel guilty over to what i did, because what i wrote in the email are all true, akala lang nila i would always be the girl na tatahi-tahimik at hinde magrereklamo sa nga kapalpakan nila.. well last Saturday they are all definitely wrong.. as in sobrang napuno ako sa pagpapasa-pasahan nila ng phone and totally ignoring my reports about a specific system na naka-down which happened to be badly needed to be up.... kaya sorry na lang sila, kasalanan naman nila kaya magdusa sila haha...


i had mentioned before that i have 2 pamangkins na.. a boy and a girl.. we call them bambam and bumbum.. no, they are not twins :) 1 month apart lang sila... about the name, well kagagawan ng mga kapatid kong studs yun hehe, type lang nila ganun ang gawing nicknames ng mga angels kong pamangkin...

aezeyah danielle is the girl's name
ethan cedric is the boy's name

oh diba mga bongga.. haha. english na english ang mga names.. ang layo ng nicknames lol :P

last sunday, it was bambam's baptism.. kaya supert pagod me sa kaka-entertain ng mga bisita, kasi mostly naman ng bisita nila is mga kakilala ko, mga former schoolmates ng kapatid ko.. kaya super help ako sa pag-assists sa kanila, plus ako'y isang yaya kapag sunday hehe gusto ko kasi ako nag-aalaga sa kanila ( nagpa-practice na for the future haha )

masaya naman yung occasion, sobrang fun, yung isang ninong super reto namin sa isang cousin ko haha, they look good together :)

welcome bambam to the christian world :)


i've got a big headache today siguro sa sobrang pagod na din.. and kakaisip. I think my sister is suffering from an illness but i really hope not... we'll see after the check up with the doctor.. i'll post an update..

posted by jhenny at Friday, March 02, 2007

im back to cross stitching this week :) and i hope i could finish the design in month's time, i have a lot of new patterns that i wanted to stitch and hopefully i could find some time to do them.. im thinking for selling them abroad.. naks! hehe via my tita in canada :)

and since im on the night shift again this week, i do my craft after office hours which is mostly 10am.. i went to work around 8-9pm and leave the next day at around 9-10am.. so 1hr travel or 1 1/2hrs because of traffic, then rest for 30mins and then presto!!

off to work on my stitches for about 1 1/2 to 2 1/2 hrs.. and that would give me about 3-4hrs left for sleep.. my bad.

that's me, i can't hold off myself when i do something like this, i could feel so relaxed and sometimes forget to sleep...

and today im paying the prize for being crazy with stitches... got a big headache and some colds. waaaaaaaaaaaaaaa :(

i was thinking not to report for work today but there's alot of scheduled conference calls and training that needs to be done, so i went to work anyhow with this bad headache.

well im wishing to end this day soon.. for me to have some decent sleep. i promise not to touch my cloth and needle today. hay.