posted by jhenny at Wednesday, April 04, 2007

its april month and we could really feel the summer's heat... and we can imagine the beaches waves :)

but before i enjoy the summer breeze, i wanted to post something about women in my life.. i know its a bit late for the women month, but hey, better late than never! hehe.. just got so pre-occupied lately and should had been posted this one earlier..

here it is...

judy - she's my sister, 2nd to me, happily married with one kid. i just adore her because she is caring with her family esp. with my niece.. before kasi she seems to be the wicked witch in the family haha, what i mean is super sunget nyan.. topakin pa :P but now that she's married and a mom, she has changed alot.. she's been so responsible and had toned down from being maldita :)


joanne - sister, 3rd in our fam, single mom with one kid and one on the way.. actually i was so furious about her a month ago, maybe because of her situation.. but i admire her for being strong and for her courage for her babies. she's young but i know she can handle well her babies and take care good of them.


jencel - our lovely bunso, i just love her. so innocent yet smart. very passionate and loving though sometimes sobrang kulet. we loved her anyway.

college friends(bevs, jem, emy, mha, nhette, rhea) - these ladies are my forever friends, we'be been through a lot, hardships during college days, our sleepless nights working on a project/thesis, our laughther that would be heard in the middle of the night because we make fun or put some pentel pen marks on anyone who fell asleep during our puyatan days to finish requirements needed at school.. we go to mass every sunday.. i missed the kubo in bulacan where we built our programs.. haha.. hay college life.. kaka-miss. these ladies would always be special for me.


the-get-away ladies(alms, jems, lee, lorns and tin) - my precious friends who are always with me.. kasama sa lahat ng gala at gimik :)... 6 years ago they were just merely co-employees and i did not imagine to be friend with them kasi im kinda suplada :p haha joke lang, ksama ko sila sa mga hinaing at happy moments in life :), they are my good buddies, mapa-bundok or mapa-dagat, maasahan sila :)... na mi-miss ko na yung mga out of town gimiks :(


vanessa - this girl is so maldita talaga.. sa kanya ako natuto mag-suplada sa totoo lang :P but this girl is very kalog, makulet, ms. friendship hehe, she can relate to any one.. sobrang daldal.. very accomodating.. kasama ko sa lahat ng kalokoha haha, pero mas mabaet ako sa kanya promise. :)

tita lorna

tita lorna - who's always being supportive to us. i admire her for here generosity, for her hardwork, for being so helpful.. she's one of a kind woman. very brave and tough yet so graceful :)

tita ampa - a very brave woman. so matiyaga and helpful. basta when i see the matapang word, she would always come to my mind :)

mylene-------te liz-------joy------mam cyn

colleagues (joy, mam tita, mam cyn, mylene, te liz) - they make our work much fun kahit sobrang hirap at sobrang pressure :) seeing all of them i could always say that im so proud to be part of the team.. all women! :) girl rocks! hehe

my mom - the woman whom i look up to so much. my inspiration. even if life is not so good i'd still choose her to be my mom.. she sacrificed everything for us, her attitude is as great as she is. she is the wind beneath my wings.


At Wed Apr 04, 09:13:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous

huy naunahan ka na pala ng 2nd and 3rd sisters mo .....lagot....hataw na heheh! mahirap tumandang dalaga :)



At Thu Apr 05, 02:15:00 AM, Anonymous tutubi

pretty sisters you have...and they look quite the same. for sure ikaw din

at crush mo pa si GDP ha? :)


At Thu Apr 05, 02:21:00 AM, Blogger M I C H E L L E

what a lovely women! Girls Rocks :)


At Thu Apr 05, 08:13:00 AM, Blogger germs

gaganda ng mga sis mo ah.hehehe.


At Fri Apr 06, 12:21:00 AM, Anonymous iskoo

ang daming magagandang ladies dito :)


At Fri Apr 06, 09:48:00 AM, Blogger jhenny

hello guys.. happy easter :)

>>eden, yeah naunahan na ako.. waaaaa wag naman sana maging spinters.. sayang ang lahi ko hehe

>>tito tutubi :) thanks :)mana sa ate yang mga yan :P yeah super crush ko yun lalo na when i was in hi-skul.

>>hi michelle, definitely agree, girl rock!!! :)

>>germs, thanks ha :) i added u on my list, i hope ok lang :)

>>iskoo! congratulations on blog awards ha, i think u did very well :) next year ulet sali ka ha

takecare all guys! :)


At Fri Apr 06, 05:43:00 PM, Blogger Dennis

wow, beautiful ladies and girls! nice to meet them all here jhenny...have a nice weekend..:)


At Sat Apr 07, 04:13:00 PM, Blogger jhenny

thanks dennis! :) happy easter! :)


At Sun Apr 08, 06:46:00 AM, Blogger germs

its ok po....actually its an honor to be added to your list.